First stop, The Beach

After a couple of flights and a night in Phuket, we fought the jet lag to get ourselves up early and jumped on a tuk tuk to catch the first ferry from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi.
Ko Phi Phi is famous for being the primary location for The Beach and as we approached the island it was easy to tell why. (Obviously a little comp work to remove some of the bars, resorts and long-tail boats would be necessary though!)
Waving away the people trying to sell us boat rides there, we stubbornly headed east to find Viking Resort on our own. After getting lost in the jungle and passing a few other hotels and resorts, we finally found the gourgeous Viking Cove and its tiny secluded beach which is now barely 20 seconds walk from the front of our hut.

Let the holiday begin!

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    November 9

    Hi A+A, the pictures are just how i imagined it would be! Jealousy doesn’t even come close! I bet you are having an amazing time and deservedly so.
    The flat move went well and we are getting the flat kitted up, am having a great time spending thousands whilst Will is still recovering from his collapse!

    Keep us updated with beautiful pics. Wish we could share a day on the beach with yous! lots of love.x

  2. Isla Llewellyn-Smith
    November 10

    What a superb start to your year away. You can’t beat a Thai island!! Sure this will reset you into travel mode! Very jealous but sooo happy for you guys, this is just a dream come true 🙂
    Lots of love from Isla (my parents say hi, too!)

  3. November 10

    Nino: So glad the flat move went well. Sounds like you’re having fun buying stuff for it. We both can’t wait to see it when we get back. I kow it’s going to look so cool! Hope the Dragons are all doing well.
    Isla: Thanks, your mum is going to send Alex a link to the place they stayed in Ko Tao so we may end up there soon. Say hi back to them from us.

  4. Mark Bakowski
    November 11

    hope you’re having lovely time

    just wanted to say i saw the Sherlock stuff yesterday and it looked really amazing, made me want to go and see the film even! didn’t know the work was that good as i hadn’t really been following it

    excellent stuff!

    • November 15

      Thanks Mark, glad the Sherlock stuff got your seal of approval. We’re quite looking forward to seeing it too… quite rare in our line of work. Apart from Bond, I don’t think I’ve seen anything of my own since my finest hour, Goal 2.
      We’re having a great time thanks. Very glad it’s not a usual 2 week holiday as we’re just starting to really relax.
      Hope everything’s well back home!
      Take care.
      – Ant

  5. Heather
    November 11


    It looks totally amazing, I hope you are remembering how to relax and not think about work at all now! We have unpacked everything now and have done the dreaded Ikea trip so thats good, all did the mammoth bookcase build in a couple of hours which is impressive. New York was amazing, I can’t wait to go back and see it in more detail. It was really great to see Linda and Ben and Eva, they really looked after me, I had so much fun. We are still trying to sort out the skype but will get it up and running soon, we only got internet yesterday and Alan got call of duty so he is in a weird playstation world most of the time at the minute, I’m hoping he will finish it really quickly….

    Missing you both, look forward to your next update xxxx

  6. Alexandra
    November 14

    Thanks Heather! Glad to hear that you managed to get to Ikea after all… and glad that Al hasn’t lost his touch!

    We are definitely relaxing! It’s so lovely being here and we’ve hardly even thought about work! It already feels as though we’ve been away for ages.

    Let us know when you get Skype up and running, it’d be great to chat.

  7. heather
    November 15


    We have skype now, have facebooked you our name

    hopefully speak to you soon!!


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