…and so we depart

Finally the day has come when we leave these increasingly chilly shores to look for some slightly prettier and warmer ones. I’ve heard that the whole country is planning to give us a big send off by launching lots of fireworks this evening. (Or are they just happy to see us go? Either way, I’ll have to try and get a window seat.)
Thanks to everyone who came to the various goodbye drinks days/nights. It was great to see you all. Hopefully this blog will be a better record of our travels than Facebook will be. We’ll be on Skype every so often with the username ants2d. Check the Skype icon in the sidebar on the right of this page to see if we’re online. Otherwise check back here to see what we’ve been up to and if you feel compelled to tell us how much you hate us for leaving for so long while you’re sitting at your desk, do feel free to post a comment or two. It’d be good to hear from you, even if it is just a bunch of expletives.

Bye everyone, take care and we’ll see you all in a year!

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