One day in Sukhothai

We had a 5 hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to Sukhotai on Thursday morning, thankfully less painful than the one a few days earlier.

On arrival in Sukhotai we checked in to our guest house and set out to explore…

There’s not much in new Sukhotai other than swarms of insects gathering around every available light source at night, so we had dinner and headed back pretty quickly.

This morning we got up early, hired a motorbike and headed out to explore the 13th Century ruins of old Sukhothai. Sukhothai was the first capital of Thailand and the ruins are spread across 70 sq km with over 100 historical sights including royal palaces, temples, the city gates, walls, moats etc. Needless to say it was pretty impressive and filled our day! Unfortunately the serenity was disturbed on occasion by hoardes of school children on day trips… it’s quite a terrifying experience having 60 odd children in purple tracksuits on bicycles speeding towards you shouting ‘hello’ and laughing hysterically when you reply!

Off to Bangkok tomorrow… only 7 hours on a bus.

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