Heading North

Sitting in Krabi airport with three hours until our flight to Bangkok, so this could be a long post!

We spent the last 4 days on Ko Lanta, arriving by ferry from Ko Phi Phi on Saturday afternoon. As you can see from Anthony’s post below the best way to get around the fairly significantly sized (in comparison to Phi Phi) island is by motorbike.
We stayed on Khlong Dao, probably the longest, flattest and prettiest of the beaches here. We didn’t really get up to too much really! Early morning jogs on the beach, out on the motorbike for breakfast either at great little cafe we found on another beach or to the German bakery (best breakfast so far in Thailand!). Cocktails and freshly caught seafood sitting at tables on the beach for dinner. Anthony helpfully fixed our guest house’s internet connection time and again… I think they must have thought he was wonderful, but the truth was, despite the fact we were told we had to pay for wifi, it wasn’t password protected!
The tropical weather systems caused us some trouble. The storms come over incredibly quickly and are quite spectacular to watch. Last night we attempted to get to the furthest resort on the island as we’d heard it has a great restaurant. I was a little dubious just getting onto the ‘main’ road… unlit for the most part, aside from lights from shops scattered sporadically near guest houses and the occasional street light that’s actually functioning!
After struggling to force our 100cc motorbike (Ant driving, me on the back) up the hills on sealed roads (I will admit that I actually had to get off and walk once!!), we suddenly found ourselves on a dirt track. As we’d already come so far we decided to keep going despite the pitch blackness and the frequent diagonal ditches in the middle of the road. Eventually we skidded quite dramatically right up to the edge of a ditch and shortly thereafter decided it looked like more rain was coming over so it was stupid to carry on.
We turned around, and after riding the 45mins back towards our beach found an excellent tapas restaurant and had some cocktails to get over our adventure!

So now we’re on our way to Chiang Rai, flying from Krabi to Bangkok and then from Bangkok up to Chiang Rai. We get in at about 10pm tonight and are planning on spending the next few days exploring and finding a trek to do.

Alexandra Written by:


    November 19

    Loving it, feeling like i’m there with you! Can’t wait for the next update. Take care.xxx

  2. Linda
    November 19

    You’re doing your name of ‘Avventura Alex’ justice! Sounds like you’re having an amazing time but come back in one piece! xxxxx

  3. Alexandra
    November 19

    We are loving it!!! Next update due when we leave Chiang Rai on Monday. Sneak preview, we’re hiring motorbikes again tomorrow and heading out on a trek into the mountains on Sat!
    Missing you guys! xxxxx

  4. Kyle
    November 19

    Hi Guys,

    Glad to see you’re having fun! Hope it stays that and be safe 🙂


  5. MysticWindibank
    November 20

    Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you two lovelies.

    Noice blog! So glad to hear that you’re having an amazing time.

    We miss you, especially Daisy who is jealous of your rat experience.

    Stay safe, keep in touch & have the most wonderful trip!

    lots of love,

    Kate xxxxx

  6. Heather
    November 24


    missing you now, its been long enough, why don’t you come home for christmas? I could cook….. you will have to let me know when your going to be online again soon and i will see if can skype you. If not I can call once your in Oz. Time is already going pretty quickly, it must be flying for you. I hope your both having an amazing adventure.

    lots of love from me and Al

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