The A Team are Reunited with BA

A picture usually says a thousand words… this one says two. Yes, we’re back in Buenos Aires!

Two words...

It’s our final night in BA and luckily there’s enough time for one final steak!

It was worth posting this blog post just to write that title!

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  1. heather
    October 26

    I can’t wait to see you both tomorrow, hope the flight is smooth, see you TOMORROW!!!! YAY!

  2. Lenny
    October 27

    sorry to hear that the adventure is over…. i shall miss being jealous and envious of your wonderful journeys.
    at least now you can start thinking about a sequel! ant and alex’s world tour part deux! (which must also include malaysia part 2 as well…)

    • October 28

      If ‘part deux’ ever happens, you’ll be the first to know.
      (We’ll need to give you enough time to make all of the relevant restaurant recommendations!)
      One of the things on my return-to-london-to-do list is ’email Lenny’, so expect one soon!
      Hope you’re well and are getting enough sleep these days. 🙂
      Speak soon.

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