We Did…

So, as many of you will already know… we got married.

20th May 2010

We decided quite a while ago that we wanted to get married, but we just weren’t quite sure how or when. We thought maybe we’d do it when we got back to London when we finished travelling, but we weren’t too keen on the stress of organising a big wedding. I must admit that the thought had occurred to us to get married while we were away travelling, but we hadn’t really taken the idea that seriously until we were in Cairns in January. We took my Dad’s bike out a few times and rode up the coast and decided that Palm Cove was where we wanted to do it.

20th May 2010

So we made some pretty big decisions in a pretty short space of time, booked the venue, chose a dress and then jetted out to India. We didn’t give my Mum all that much notice, but she managed to organise the fine details with about 6 weeks to go.

20th May 2010

Anthony’s family flew out from the UK and joined my family and some close family friends for the ceremony on 20th May. It was small, calm, and for us, perfect.

20th May 2010

Thank you to those of you who made such huge efforts to be there with us, and to everyone else for understanding why we did it this way.

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  1. D Morldren
    June 4

    So beautiful.
    That last picture looks like something out of James Bond, and the first few look like a video by Abba.
    Take A Chance On Me?!

    Great idea for a first dance. I think I’ll take it.

    • June 20

      Excellent… I’m looking forward to that first dance already – roll on November!

      • D Morldren
        June 23

        Well I won’t let Chris have Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison and he won’t let me have (I’m gonna be) 500 Miles by The Proclaimers so Abba it’ll have to be!

        • June 24

          How about an interpretive experimental dance to Bohemian Rhapsody?
          I’d pay lots to see that… in fact you could probably make up a significant portion of the wedding cost by selling tickets!

  2. June 4

    Congratulations!! What a place to get married. Some great pictures. Love the blue shoes…

    All the best to you both.

    • June 20

      Cheers Gary.
      Yep, the shoes are very cool… I love ’em!

    June 4

    Wonderful setting, gorgeous outfits and an amazing couple you are…you deserve nothing less than perfect. 🙂

    We are so happy for you both..

    Nino Will Alohi and Zavier xxxx

  4. ben and sally
    June 4

    What a fantastic entry. Congratulations!! The photos prove it was perfect as you say. All our love and best wishes and looking forward to seeing the happy couple soon. Ben,Sally and Millie xxx

  5. Congratulations! Great shoes and was that a turntable?

    • June 20

      Turntable? Are you referring to something work-related Gerrard? 😉

  6. Anni
    June 4

    Congratulations to you both. You look absolutely stunning both of you (I have shoe and dress envy) but we didn’t expect anything else from you.
    We are so happy for the two of you, great stuff.
    Lots of love from

    Anni, John and Isla xxx

  7. June 4

    CONGRATULATIONS to BOTH of You, Everything looks perfect, great photos. We are all very Happy for you. Best Wishes from Dillan, Pari, Dina and Mayur

    • June 20

      Thanks Mayur!
      Yeah, it was a fantastic day, and we’re pretty pleased with our photos. The photographer was fantastic!
      Hi to the family, hope to see you when we get back.

  8. Lucinda Harris
    June 4

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What fabulous news!! Well done to you both.
    We will celebrate when you return to the UK – in November?
    Much love from all the Harris family xxxx

  9. heather
    June 4

    beautiful pics, I love the one of you both on the rock but also the one of you with your dad alex. Can we have some copies?


    • June 20

      Thanks Heather.
      Yup, you can definitely have copies. We’ll be bringing them all back to London at full res so you can take your pick!

  10. Andrea(+Kate) WIndiburrow
    June 5

    Wow, congratulations. I’m not sure who is prettier, only joking it is Anthony by far!!! You both look amazing, so relaxed and happy and beautiful too.

    I’m really pleased for you and look forward to seeing more photo’s


    PS. The postcard just arrived, of course we’re not mad, we’re so happy for you! There’s big virtual windyHug floating it’s way through the internet to you right now! K xxxxx

  11. Aimee Dadswell
    June 7

    Oh my Goodness – you look so beautiful. It’s like a brochure!
    Congratulations to you both – and Alex – FABULOUS SHOES!
    With love
    Aimee + Matt

  12. Eloise Harris
    June 7

    wow! Stunning photos!! Stunning Bride!! it looks amazing so happy for you both! congratulations with love form Constance and Eloise x x

  13. The siaos
    June 8

    Aww.. both of you look so lovely together. You look so pretty Alex! I love the dress. And the blue shoes.
    Do you have a photo in the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” pose? 😛

    Congrats from Lenny & Siao Ling.

    • June 20

      Damn, we forgot that pose!
      We’ll have to set up a special shot just for you guys. 😉

  14. Ruth
    June 11

    These are wonderful photos! What a happy and picturesque celebration from start to finish. Alexandra, what a beautiful bride we see in these pictures, and I wish you and Anthony every happiness as you continue your travels. Congratulations to you both! Love from Ruth & Richard xx

  15. Morgan
    June 11

    Beautiful couple, beautiful photos, beautiful wedding… xxx

  16. Claire Rowling
    June 11

    Thank you mum for sharing this slideshow. Alexandra I noticed both your shoes (call me carrie) and I love the setting. Elegance meets remote beach setting with jagged rocks and windswept palm trees. Like the purple lights wrapped around the trees. Have a beautiful life together! xclaire

  17. Judi Otter Wallace
    June 12

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos. It looked the perfect setting and you both looked fabulous, loved all the shoes! What wonderful memories you will have. Joss and I wish you a wonderful future together, Judi.

    • June 20

      Thanks Judi. Glad you enjoyed all the photos (and the shoes!) Hopefully see you soon once we’re back.

  18. Tosca
    June 18

    Congratulations to you both. You looked so beautiful Alexandra and Anthony looked very debonair. The photo’s are really lovely, your day looked superb.

    All you Love and Best Wishes,

    Tosca and David and Family

    • Alexandra
      July 3

      Thanks Tosca, we had such a lovely day!

      Look forward to catching up next time we’re in Aus.

      Love to you all. xx

  19. Maryanne
    June 18

    It looks like you you had a truly spectacular day. The photos are magnificent – what a wonderful way to remember your wedding day.
    Congratulations and good luck with your travels. We would love to see you soon.
    Love Maryanne, Rob, Madeleine, Pippa and Will

  20. Mandy & Roger Bentley
    June 30

    Wow. What an incredible setting, beautiful bride, fantastic shoes(both pairs)& lovely looking people everywhere. Is that really Swanage?
    We wish you both every happiness for the future and as we say in Bournemouth – Mazeltov! Hope to see you soon & will be ringing Flossie for all the news.

    • July 2

      Thanks guys.
      Yep… Swanage. How did you know? I thought I’d get away with just using a bit of Photoshop!
      I’m sure my mum will be MORE than happy to give you every last detail of the day.
      Thanks for the lovely comments and we hope to see you when we get back to the UK. xx

  21. Sarah Smith
    July 2

    Hey you two,
    Only just saw these photos – wow, you both look amazing! The pictures are stunning, I’m pretty blown away (and rather jealous!)..
    Congratulations again.
    Lots of love, Sarah xx

    • Alexandra
      July 3

      Hey Sarah,

      Thanks for the comment! We’re so happy with the pics and the day in general.

      Can’t wait to catch up for a drink when we get back in Nov. We’re making sure we get plenty of practice in in the meantime.


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