Holi Hai!

Despite being water bombed (and Alexandra egged) last night on the way to a restaurant for dinner, we decided to brave the streets of Delhi this afternoon for the Holi celebrations. We intentionally wore nice white tops and, as we thought, like a red rag to a bull the happy locals just couldn’t resist getting us involved. We had water poured over us from the top of buildings, water bombs thrown at us from every angle and people jumping out from behind corners to squirt blue dye at us. Then there was the powdered paint which was lovingly smothered all over our faces and heads by well wishers, and unfortunately for Alexandra, accompanied by a good old grope from some of the more drunk of them.

Walking along Main Bazaar

After making our way along Main Bazaar we headed back towards our hotel via some back alleys, thinking that less crowds meant less paint and water. We were proved very wrong as the local kids seemed to enjoy pouring buckets of water from the rooftops down into the narrow alleys where we couldn’t escape!

We made it back to our hotel where the reception staff, as well as quite a few other tourists who weren’t brave enough to leave the place found our entrance pretty amusing and asked to take our photo. We finally got to see the state we’d got ourselves into when we got into the lift, and then we had a tense hour trying to get ourselves looking human again without staining our hotel room pink and blue!

Here are a few more photos.

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  1. Heather
    March 1

    I love the colours, it looks like so much fun! Well done for braving it while other tourists stayed out the way. looks fab

    big hugs xxxx

  2. Corrina
    March 1

    Brilliant, you guys look hilarious…

    Like firing squad victims at a paintball convention

    • March 1

      All I can say is that I’m glad I took our little waterproof camera instead of the SLR!

  3. March 4

    Sounds like mayhem. Reminds me of when I was in 6th form!

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