How to Keep Warm During Winter

It’s been nearly two months since the last blog post so here’s a quick breakdown of what we got up to in Australia.

We arrived in Sydney in time for Morgan and Brad’s wedding at the beginning of December. We were so happy to be able to be there for it, a beautiful wedding and a fantastic day! It was great to catch up with the bride and groom and other school friends I haven’t seen for a long time.

Morgan and Brad

While we were in Sydney we had a little Sherlock Holmes reunion with Bruce Nelson and Sarah Smith… very weird to be meeting up in Sydney, but it was a fun night of schnitzels and steins at the Löwenbräu (our second visit, thanks Janna, for the first!)

The rest of the time in Sydney was filled with going to the beach, shopping, eating and catching up with friends. Thanks to all who made time to see us!

Lunch with Steph...

...and Phoebe Morgan and Oscar

Next, my parents, Anthony and I drove inland to take a little tour of the town I grew up in, Armidale. While we were in the area we stopped at the famous Thunderbolt’s Rock in Uralla and the biggest tomato greenhouse I’ve ever seen in Guyra. We spent a day on the land thanks to our friends the Wrights who took us around their properties at Black Mountain and Inverness.

At Thunderbolt's Rock

We headed north for Christmas and new year at the beach in Queensland… fortunately the weather was with us and we had plenty of sunshine. Didn’t really get up to much, just plenty of eating, drinking, reading, swimming and sleeping. Perfect holiday!

From Cairns we flew down to Melbourne… see Ant’s next post for details of what happened there!

Here’s a few more pictures.

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  1. MysticWindibank
    February 1

    Wotcha cockles

    Warmth is for wimps!
    There’s snow outside but I’m about to go out and do some gardening.
    Or I could just stay here, in bed and perhaps book myself a massage later …. hmmmm

    We’re missing you at the store … keep having a wonderful time

    lots of love

    K x

    • Alexandra
      February 3

      Hello Mystic Windibank! Nice to hear from you. I freely admit to being a wimp… especially when it comes to cold weather!
      So what did you do in the end… I bet you did the gardening?!
      Hope all is well and that you’re having an end of Nanny break!

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