iPhone Colour Correction App from The Mill

The Mill has released an iPhone application that can apply looks or emulate some basic color grading tools found in a grading suite. The app has some rudimentary preset looks, as well as controls for lift, gain, gamma and saturation.

Click here to open iTunes to the app in the store.
The Flickr group for images graded using the app can be found here.
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  1. July 27

    So guess what. I just found out that this app doesn’t work on a 1st-gen ipod touch. 🙁

    Not a good idea for Apple to phase out their tech within a year and a half. This isn’t the only app I’ve found that’s been made for the new spec either, there are a handful of apps that aren’t backward-compatible.

    Not impressed, Apple. Not impressed.

  2. Anthony
    July 27

    Agreed, that’s pretty unimpressive. But then I wonder if that’s just down to the App developers to determine the hardware it’ll run on… it may not be Apple’s fault after all.

    (Something tells me that my next phone will be running Android.)

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